Proyecto Alebrijes – Santillana

We were asked to create the design for Proyecto Alebrijes, an educational project for primary and secondary school grades developed by Editorial Santillana Uruguay, to be launched in year 2020.

The name of the project is inspired by Mexican crafts called “alebrijes”, which are unique colorful beings created from the combination of parts from different animals. Here it is a metaphor about the diversity in learning and the uniqueness of each student regarding interests and skills.

The client wanted to create an alebrije “mascot” made from parts of native Uruguayan animals, and a logo representing diversity in the learning/teaching process. The mascot chosen by the client was a mix between a Zorro (fox) and a Mulita (armadillo), and was named ZORROMULITA 🙂

Illustration by Martín León Barreto.